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NOOIS Structure

NOOIS structure consists of the Assembly, Executive and Supervisory Boards, as well as the President, two Vice-Presidents and the Executive Director.

Three categories of membership

Full members

These may be organizations fulfilling the following conditions:

  • If they accept as members or represent the majority of or the largest number of persons with individual types of disabilities and
    organizations gathering persons with different types of disabilities for the purpose of resolving specific issues,
  • If they have minimum 500 regular members, persons with disabilities, except for organizations that accept as members and represent
    persons with specific rare disease,
  • If they have a network of minimum 5 local and regional organizations,
  • If they act in the territory of the Republic of Serbia or at least in its larger part and
  • If they exist and operate for minimum 5 years.

Associate members

These may be organizations of persons with disabilities which:

  • Deal with certain specific issues of interest for persons with disabilities,
  • Operate in the entire territory of Serbia or in its larger part,
  • Have minimum 50 of persons with disabilities among their members and
  • Exist and operate for minimum 3 years.

Supporting members

Supporting members include legal and natural entities whose work or donations contribute to the realization of the goals of the National Organization.

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