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About Us


The National Organization of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia (NOOIS) was established on 22nd July 2007. Accordingly, the informal network of various organizations of persons with disabilities, which had existed for years, evolved into NOOIS as a formal network with a legal status, similar to many organizations in Europe. NOOIS is an “umbrella” organization representing more than 800.000 persons with disabilities and their legal representatives involved in:

  • Associations of organizations of persons with individual types of disabilities
  • Organizations of legal representatives of persons with disabilities, and
  • Interest organizations gathering persons with various types of disabilities (so-called cross-disability organizations)


Why was it established?   

  • To represent the united movement of persons with disabilities of Serbia, speak on behalf of the majority of persons with disabilities
    and their legal representatives, and constitute the strongest force in advocating their common interests and needs
  • The role of the National Organization is not to replace individual organizations of persons with disabilities (Associations and other
    organizations), but to focus on mutual actions, initiatives and matters of general interest


President: Tatjana Stojsic Petkovic

Executive director: Ivanka Jovanovic

NOOIS mission

Increasing inclusion of persons with disabilities in the society, full respect of human rights and non-discrimination on the basis of disability by creating partnership between the united disability rights movement and the state in terms of adopting and implementing disability laws and other documents in compliance with international standards and documents

NOOIS goals

  • Unified advocacy of interests of persons with disabilities in Serbia
  • Protection and promotion of fundamental human rights
  • Improvement of the status of persons with disabilities by implementing national strategies, laws and policies in the sphere of disability, and the reform of national legislation in compliance with the human rights principles  
  • Struggle against prejudice and discrimination based on disability and full participation, equality and social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Serbia
  • Strengthening the cooperation among NOOIS member organizations and supporting the development of their individual capacities
  • Acceptance of international and European disability standards, principles and documents and their application in Serbia in Serbia
  • Development of the cooperation and participation in the international disability rights movement

NOOIS values

  • Application of European and UN standards in the field of human rights of persons with disabilities
  • Non-discrimination
  • Equal opportunities for persons with disabilities
  • Promotion of accessibility and universal design in the field of physical environment, transportation, information and communications
  • Independence and representativeness
  • Mutual cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Internal democratic structure and connections with member-organizations  
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